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Counseling is available for: Addictions
                          Adolescents and their families
                          Psychological Testing and Psychotherapy for children, adolescents and adults)
Couples Therapy (described below)

If you feel frustrated or worried about your relationship that has become empty or worse yet, recently shattered due
to a loss of trust, couples counseling can help. Please don’t wait any longer.
I am a licensed psychologist. My specialities include helping couples get back on track and I want to help. Even after a crisis
such as infidelity or years of an “empty shell” marriage, a marital miracle is possible.  None of us are explicitly
taught how to have a great relationship. We only have the example we inherited. That’s why specialized help can
make so much difference!

Couples Counseling can even help with these frequent struggles:

Deciding what to do next if there has been an affair (Do we try to get through this or let our family break up?)

Recovering from a breach in trust(How can I move from resentment to forgiveness? Should I?)

Breaking out of patterns of neglect and criticism (How can we recover a sense of appreciation and
admiration in our relationship?)

Returning to a sense of connection (When loneliness has become a way of life, how can we break out
of this pattern?)

Enhancing communication (“I want to feel someone understands me!”)

Resolving conflict (“We have the same old arguments with no resolution”)

Returning to an “in-love” feeling (“I still love you,but I’m not in-love with you anymore.”)



Most couples can feel better and reduce their difficulties
with the approaches used in modern couples counseling.  This is because in the last 10 years there have
been tremendous advances in the scientific study of relationships.

Effective techniques can be taught reliably and with effort, you can use these tools to improve your relationship.

No one can honestly promise to fix or save every relationship but my experience teaches me that a loving relationship
is possible and, with help, easier for you to reach.

What happens in Couples Counseling?

Everyone remembers the excitement and ease in the beginning of a relationship. With the euphoria of coming
together, it seems that getting on the same page is perfectly easy. As each person settles in to the reality of
imperfection in all relationships, disappointment and frustration can accelerate. Unless each person adjusts
to the new reality in a healthy way, struggles can develop.

Couples counseling is a bridge back to happier days and a plan to use "reality" to create greater authenticity,
intimacy, and empathy. Counseling psychologists are trained to listen to each person's concern evenhandedly
and to help each partner communicate more sensitively and have more compassion and respect for their

The Truth: Feeling stuck or broken is miserable!
Counseling can create an avenue of hope and
a mending of hearts.

Ask yourself is it time to give couples counseling a try?

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"I am ready but my partner is not! What can I do?"

Actually, this happens a lot. The reality is that sometimes one person starts and the
other joins later. It's ok. While it's ideal for both to participate, many times relationships
can be improved when only one person attends. After all, in a relationship everything
that effects one, effects both.

The good news is that often one person's changes in interactions and attitudes gives the
other person "room to grow." It also resolves the sense of a power struggle that sometimes
happens when one person perceives the other as demanding change. Of course, the goal of
a healthier, happier relationship remains. Understanding your partner both through your eyes
and through factually based questioning can help lead to new patterns and out of stuckness!
Changing patterns is always a key in fostering improvement. Even just one person has the
power to do that! With guidance, you can pick the right ones to start changing on your own!

Now is the time!

Research suggests the average couple waits six years after the time counseling was first needed
to finally begin the process. Both of you deserve happiness and I want to help you create a healthier,
more fulfilling relationship!

I have specialized training both in marital issues and areas frequently related to couples problems
such as addiction,  infidelity, depression, anxiety or personality problems.  I also have years of
experience in couples therapy, premarital counseling and divorce recovery. My experience with
individuals before marriage, during, and after has given me a valuable perspective on the whole
process of being a couple that assists me in planning the recovery process. Personally, I have been
married for nearly three decades and I have been honored to witnessmany successful reconciliations
in therapy.Threats to a marriage can be life-changing. No one should have to face this alone.

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